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How to move to Australia

Why should you choose Synch1?


You just need to initiate the process and we will do the rest of the work for you. Expert guidance is available to help you at all stages.

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Visa applications are troublesome but not with Synch1

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Definitely the best value for money

1 hour of free consultation and family-friendly pricing

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Exceptional and pioneering approach

The evaluation and consultation package offered by us are optimum.

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Synch Experience and expertise: 10+ years

We have expertise in handling all immigration and visa processes.

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Qualified immigration agents

All our immigration experts are qualified and registered by ICA.

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It can be a tough job to tackle the complicated visa processing for Australian immigration all by yourself.

The changing set of rules, document requirements and edibility; going through all of them requires a lot of hard work.

Synch1 takes up the tough part and gives you the final result. Leave everything to our immigration experts and you can sit back and relax.

Synch1 - no risk, no worries, no trouble!


Synch1 is aware of the exhaustive immigrations laws, rules and visa requirements and deals with them regularly for hundreds of applicants so you leave everything on us.

Our immigration expert will help you along at every step to assure:
• Which visa type you should apply for
• Who should be the primary applicant (you or your spouse, if immigrating with partner)
• How soon you can get through the process
• Complete list of required documents
• Exact cost
• Understanding the whole process step by step

Are you in doubt about relocating to Australia? There is no hurry and for any clarifications you can always consult our experts for guidance. Take your time and just let us know when you are ready.

Definitely the best value for money
Definitely the best value for money

• Affordable & Family friendly pricing (no double charges if you are moving with spouse or kids)
• Free 1 hour consultation
• Personalised and detailed migration plan for you and your family included in the fee!
• Additional 1 hour of consultation over phone, Skype or email after applying for the initial evaluation and consultation package
• All your queries will be clarified leaving no room for doubt.

Exceptional and pioneering approach
Exceptional and pioneering approach

Our system includes the tried and tested methods for assured quality and results. We have got a team of steadfast professionals having expertise in the field. The aim is to be with you at every stage with expert advice and deal with the process in a systematic way.

The initial evaluation is the first step in estimating your best chances to get through and relocate to Australia. We are working with AustraliaVisa Applicants for more than a decade now and have proven methods and high success rates making us stand out from crowd!

What does our package include?
• Evaluation
• Documentation
• Personalised migration plan
• Fee settlement (after confirming eligibility)
• Additional 1 hour free consultation on phone, Skype or e-mail

Synch Experience and expertise: 10+ years
Synch Experience and expertise: 10+ years

Trained and qualified team from Australia to deal with legal and accounting qualifications and backgrounds

Helped hundreds of people to fulfil their dream to experience life in Australia

Be at ease and confident as a Synch1 client. Your personal circumstances are addressed professionally assuring quality service and representations.

We are always here to help you!

Qualified immigration agents
Qualified immigration agents

The migration agent works efficiently in line with ICA (Immigration & Checkpoints Authority of Australia) with detailed assessment report, quotes, and contracts or in any interaction with our customers.

All these factors ensure that the services provided by us are of high quality and as per the norms of ICA. The term immigration has different names such as emigration or migrations, the meaning remains same but the process can prove to be a life changing experience for many.

The agents dealing with your application must be registered with the Authority of Immigration in Australia which is ICA (Immigration & Checkpoints Authority of Australia).

Normal Price: $1899

$1569 USD

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  5. Can you help me to apply and get a job in Australia?
  6. Do I need to go through various tests in order to get the visa done?
  7. What kind of documents do I need to present for me, my spouse and family?
  8. I'm not sure yet if I want to move to Australia. Do I have to make the decision fast?
  9. I'm sure I want to go to Australia and I'm sure I'm eligible. I just want your full representation - do I need the Initial Evaluation+Consultation Package?
  10. I want to move to Australia with my family. Will the evaluation costs be higher?
  11. Is it possible to apply for the visa on my own?

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